Flower of the Month by Linda Glass

bp indian paintbrush

bp indian paintbrush2

Indian paintbrush whole plant

ozark trillium older flowers

ozark trillium single white

Two beautiful plants flowering on Baker Prairie right now are Indian paintbrush (Castilleja coccinea) and Ozark trillium (Trillium ozarkanum formerly Trillium pusillum var. ozarkana).

Indian paintbrush can be seen from the road on the western side of the prairie to the south of the sign, but to really see its true beauty and the color variations such as yellow and peach, take a walk along the path.

The red-colored parts are not part of the flower, but bracts underneath the tiny flowers.

Although Indian paintbrush is often a prairie plant, it can also be seen growing upon bluffs by the Buffalo National River.

When you’re walking along the path to see the Indian paintbrush, follow the path to the right and you will find Ozark trillium aka Ozark wakerobin.   Look for it in the trail as you’re heading down a slope. When you find it on the trail, step off to the west (left), and you can find larger clumps of it partially hidden by dried grasses. The flowers are white when they are young, then turn pink and purple as they age.

The Ozark trillium is also found in other areas of northwest Arkansas, usually near small streams, and in a few places in the Ouachitas.




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