June Walk on Baker Prairie a Wonderful, Birdy Jaunt!

The June Baker Prairie walk, co-sponsored by the Friends of Baker Prairie and the Disorganized Bird Club, had a total of 16 people participating in this bird walk and clean-up to explore and enjoy one of our town’s most precious natural areas.

The weather was surprisingly mild as we headed off and although the overall bird count for the day was a bit on the short side, we did get our three target species that the prairie in known for: the willow flycatcher, the Bell’s vireo, and the painted bunting.

Present for the birdwatching for DOBC members Gina Booth, Jack and Pam Stewart, Terri and Alan Gregory, Linda Mann, Dianne Beard, Cheryl Satterfield, Joan Lipsmeyer and Sheree Rogers as well as me and Tim. We were later joined by Bob Hotchkiss and Margaret Lonadier, both board members of the Friends of Baker Prairie and by Jennifer Ogles of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission to help pick up a little trash and to pull out invasive Queen Anne’s Lace from the prairie itself.

It was a great morning on the prairie. Stay tuned for upcoming pictures and for more information about prairie events!

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